Meet the Team


Rick Hellard

Coach Rick Hellard

Rick used to say his best times were well out of reach nowadays, and that he still tries really hard, and he's there to help you achieve your potential, and then came Sept 16th, 2006 and he popped an unbelievable 8:41:14 Iron Distance at the Esprit Triathlon in Montreal.  This was a whopping 41min best time, for a guy that had already gone 9:23.  And to add encouragement to everyone, he turned 40 that year!!

As a triathlete, Rick was given All American Team status three times as a junior (ranked Top Five in North America), then turned professional and raced around the world in everything from Olympic Distance (best time of 1:45) to Half Ironman (best time of 3:57) to Ironman (best time of 8:41:14). He raced on the French professional team based in Salon de Provence in 1989/90/91, racking up numerous wins and rarely being out of the top 10 finishers.

For more on Rick, go here.

Nancy Coke

Nancy Coke

Canadian Ski Marathon ,

Keskinada Loppet,

Sharbot Lake Triathlon,

Half Wildtri,

Ironman Lake Placid (1st Canadian Female, 5th in AG, 18th female overall),

Boston Marathon Qualifier (3:24)

Winner of Canton Marathon

2 time NYC Marathon finisher, 3:18 and 3:25

Statscan Run More Clinic

“Rick's running groups have helped me run more efficiently and employ better training methods.  The group aspect has allowed me to meet fellow runners at Tunney's Pasture and encourages me to get out there and do the workouts.”  Eddie

 “I have been taking Rick's clinics at Statscan for the past couple of years in which time I feel like I have become a more proficient runner. Rick's plans have helped me to feel more prepared leading up to my goal races and the comradery of the runners in the group is truly wonderful. I think that's why so many of us keep coming back! Oh, that and we really like Rick too! It's a fun group and always a good workout -guaranteed.”  Amanda

 "Before joining Rick’s clinic I’ve never even thought about racing. Now, I have a goal. The workout and the group are motivating."  Denisa

 “Rick’s group workouts help me to pace myself better and push myself harder than I would do alone - it’s great to run with like-minded people!”  Cindy

 ”10 min improvement in half-marathon in 5 weeks - enough said :-) "  Connie

 “I have taken numerous clinics with Rick and it never ceases to amaze me that he comes up with new and interesting workouts for every clinic.  The variety of the workouts is really motivating.  We are very fortunate to have Rick come into our workplace to give us a clinic.”  Penny

 “I've been running for close to 30 years, always by myself. I've won a lot of half-marathons, 10 K, 5 K races--and never wanted a coach. Then, after all these years, I decided to 'try' Rick. Well, I must admit that I'm surprised. I'm not running farther but I'm running more energetically. I have more power. One more thing: Rick's a nice guy. Thanks, Rick.”  Pascale

“Rick's clinics are fun and motivational.  He achieves a good balance between understanding participants' physical and lifestyle limitations, and encouraging us all to push a little harder and train a little smarter. Rick's clinics have helped me achieve several running goals, including one to actually get a little faster as I run into my 50s.  Thanks, Rick, for all the great training advice that helped me "win all the marbles".”  Sheryl

"We came!  We ran!  We had fun!  We got faster!  We got fitter!"  Stuart

Heather IrelandLen Ireland

Heather and Len Ireland

Heather and Len Ireland signed up for coaching to get to IMUSA in 2003. Len wanted to do an Ironman before he turned 50. He had a year. They were both good runners, but neither could swim very well and neither had done any extensive cycling. They did not have bikes, either. 

They also wanted to qualify for the Boston Marathon in 2004.

Through diligence and hard work, they both improved tremendously over the winter and achieved their qualifying times for Boston (Heather with a new PB of 3:29 and Len with a 35min PB clocking of 3:10.

Next up was the triathlon and qualifying for IMUSA at Muskoka.

They both had excellent races and snagged their spots.

At IMUSA 2003, Heather and Len had great days and enjoyed the complete experience (meaning they shopped allot as well as did the race).

Not sure what to expect, they signed up for IMUSA 2004 and put their noses to the grindstone again.

Both of them improved dramatically over the winter (again!) and Heather managed to chop 1h 25min off her previous Ironman time to finish in 11hr 51min.

Not to be outdone, Len hammered through the race and nailed down a 54min improvement to finish in 11hr 32sec placing 4th in his age group (podium!) and qualifying for the Hawaii Ironman!

These two are nothing short of spectacular, as in 2006, they went back to Lake Placid and both improved again with Len going 10:58 and Heather going 11:32 to finish 2nd and 1st in their respective age groups, thereby qualifying for the World Ironman Championships in Kona.

Miriam Nicholson

Miriam Nicholson

What can we say about Miriam and her amazing accomplishments?

Miriam has done the two hardest Iron Distance Triathlons in the world--Embrunman and Norseman.  These are massive achievements.

 She s an inspiration to all of us!

Will Stevens


Nancy Green

Will Stevens and Nancy Green

(Biochem geeks with sneakers)

Will--I started running with Rick as a neophyte runner (40 year old virgin?) at a Statscan Clinic in the spring of 2008.  After a couple of drop-ins at the Terry Fox track I was more or less hooked and have been running with Zone3 ever since.  With Coach Rick’s oversight I have steadily developed as a runner, enjoying the camaraderie and consistent challenge of the Tuesday night work-outs.  I appreciate Rick’s expertise and depth of experience combined with his ability to lead by example.  While I have so far resisted the dark side of multi-sport, I must admit Hammertime Lite looks pretty interesting…maybe when the kids are a bit older…













Nancy--Through clinics and personalized training plans I’ve been running with Rick for 2 years.   In 2009, while I did some longer races, my real goal was to beat my 10k PB from 1984.  After a late summer setback I thought it would have to wait until 2010 but Rick had other plans.  Not one for big speeches I found the following note in my updated training plan—‘Rattle Me Bones—lay it all on the line; don’t be afraid to go too hard too early’.  I decided to believe and ran as directed… 53:29 beating my old PB by 37 seconds.  Thank you Rick, but please let me know before you sign me up for more races!

Jim Brockbank

Jim Brockbank

Through the coaching of Rick Hellard, I have achieved a level of fitness that has allowed me to realize my potential and numerous PB's across a number of endurance events, including my first Ironman. What have motivated me most are Rick's individual attention and the support and competitive spirit he fosters in the Zone3 training team. I highly recommend Rick Hellard and Zone3sports!


George Reid

George Reid, the Machine

In 2002, at 48, George ran his fastest marathon in 20 years--a startling 2:54:48.

In 2006, George produced an incredible swim/bike/run at the Canadian Iron Distance Triathlon to finish in a phenomenal 9:58!! Yikes, there is no slowing this guy.

'Thanks for coaching me to a level of physical fitness that I never could have gotten on my own, and for instilling the confidence to train smart
and race hard.'


Cindy De Cuypere

When I first signed up with Rick in 2006, I'd been running for decades and done a few races a long time ago, but never had any coaching or done speed work.  I had no idea what I was capable of.  Within two months, I achieved my first goal of completing a marathon in less than four hours, with 12 minutes to spare.  A year later, I improved my marathon time by 10% and beat my PB from 18 years earlier!  Since then, I've also set new PBs in the 5K and half marathon, and normally place near the top of my age category.  All the while, I have been injury-free.


Thanks to Rick, I am not only thrilled with my results, but am fitter and healthier that I have ever been before.  His training plans are tailored to my goals, abilities and busy schedule.  He is an amazing athlete and role model, yet very kind and approachable.  He gives great advice and answers all my questions.  Thanks, coach, for getting me where I want to be!!

Stephen Wilhelm

Stephen Wilhelm

Rick and the Zone3 crew have certainly made me fitter, faster and helped me to go farther than I thought possible. Since being coached by Rick, I have achieved multiple new PB's at both short and long distance running and triathlons. The multitude of programs offered by Rick means that there are numerous opportunities to train in a group setting where one tends to push a little harder.


Rick coaches athletes at all levels, adapts your training regime to your goals and progress, and leads by example. 

Yves on the bike

Yves  Fortin

The four years I have just completed in triathlon have provided me with a fantastic experience and great joys. After a first half-Ironman entered in on the spur of the moment in 2004, I was very fortunate to stumble upon Rick Hellard. Since, I have drawn from Rick's rich experience as an athlete and a coach. Thanks to him, I have been blessed with pleasing results in races ranging from sprint to Iron distance triathlons, 5K races to marathons, etc. Rick has been there to answer my questions and has lead by example in living and enjoying the healthy endurance sport lifestyle. Rick is also one of us, well, perhaps a little faster than all of us, but one who hammers and sweats and celebrates with us. Above all, Rick cares. He is a gentleman who really lives by his motto: "Whenever you can, do good things for people."


Gloria Cawthorn

In 2006 when I first signed up with Rick for marathon training, I discovered the pain of speed workouts, but the joy of achieving PBs for all my race distances kept me coming back to Hammertime. Thanks to Rick's coaching, not only did I become a better runner, I eventually became a
triathlete. Training with the Z3S team, it was inevitable that their
incredible energy and enthusiasm would inspire me to try triathlons. While I spent the winter learning to swim, Rick designed a personalized training program to build my fitness and confidence so that I could finish a half-ironman at the end of my first season of triathlon in 2008. I was even able to finish under my goal time! I have learned that with a good coach and hard work, I can achieve goals that I never thought possible for myself.

Richard C

Richard Cawthorn

I can't believe what I have accomplished in my second season with Rick and Zone3sports!

As a newbie to triathlon, I needed a personalized training program to get me ready for my 1st ironman, IMLP 2008.  Rick focused my training at addressing my weaknesses and continually adjusted my training volume to allow for good recovery. I arrived at the start-line, strong, rested, injury-free, and confident and with a plan of exactly how to execute my race. It was a fantastic day even with the endless rain. I felt so good after that I even did another iron distance race in the fall. What a great year! Not only did I enjoy my training, I also appreciated the friendliness and encouragement of the Z3S group of athletes.