What the heck is the Rudy Award, and where did it come from anyway?


In 2000, a local group including Dev Paul, Phil Hunter and Rick Hellard were so inspired by the accomplishments that year of Rudy Hollywood that they concocted an award that recognized his accomplishments and those of anyone else crazy enough to copy him. That fall, The Rudy Award was born.

For a few years before and afterwards, Rudy completed 5 events that exemplify and promote a healthy lifestyle as well as a good level of versatility in the world of endurance sports.

Those events are:

1.    The Winterlude Triathlon, an event combining 8k of speedskating, 5k of cross country skiing, and 5k of running.

2.    The Keskinada Loppet, a 50k ski race, classic or skate style.

3.    The Rideau Lakes Tour, Classic Route.  The RLCT combines two days of 180k worth of cycling from Ottawa to Kingston, then back the next day.  The Rudy Lakes version is an acceptable substitution and ends in Sharbot Lake at Rudy’s cottage instead of Kingston. It's the same distance and uses much of the same route and must be done on the same weekend as the Rideau Lakes Cycle Tour.

4.    Any official marathon with an official finish.

5.    Any Ironman distance triathlon with an official finish time under 17hrs.

To be eligible, all the events must be completed in the same calendar year.

The official time limits to the individual events must be met to qualify. New in 2008, an official finisher's certificate of the Rideau Lakes Cycle Tour must be presented as verification of completion.

All Rudy Award recipients are created equal. Some may be faster or slower, but there is no winner or loser or ranking system.

There have been many, many suggestions for substitutions or additions to The Rudy Award. Aside from the Rudy Lakes version of the Rideau Lakes Cycle Tour, the events are as listed and cannot be modified.

In 2007, with such an incredible local racing infrastructure, Rudy and Rick decided to create an award to recognize outstanding contributions to the Ottawa multi-sport scene.

They called it The Dave Maskell Builder's Award

In 2006, the recipient was our very good friend Mike Collingwood.

In 2007, the recipient was Somersault Promotions, without whom there were be virtually no races in the region.

Thanks to them, we have races to do.

In 2008, the winner was Rick Hellard.

In 2009, the winner was Greg Kealey of the Bytown Strom Triathlon Team for his incredible success in building the future generation of triathletes.

in 2010? Who know?


2012 Rudy Award Winners


Scott Walker 5th
Kathryn Lefebvre 1st
Jennifer Ajersch 1st
Iain Aspenlieder 2nd
Craig McHugh 1st
Dave Tinsley 1st
Craig Forcese 1st
Simon Davis 3rd
Margaret King 1st
Lucie Boudreau 1st 
Carley Kenwell 1st 
Guy Noury 1st
Danielle Lawson 1st

Jean Magne 2nd (Moustache)

Doug Hunter 1st

Chris Macknie 8th
Catherine Chatham 1st

Jim Brockbank 4th

2011 Rudy Award Winners


Sander Post 1st
Jean Magne 1st  (Mustache)
Tim McNaughton 1st
Parham Momtahan 1st
Steven Thomas 1st
Stephan Meyer 1st
Tim McLean 1st
Simon Davis 2nd
Bruce Mason 2nd
Jonathan Moher 2nd
David Duchesne 2nd
Daniel White 2nd
Carolyn Botting 2nd
Alex Cullen 3rd
Judy Andrew Piel 3rd

Scott Walker 4th
Jim Penman 5th

2010 Rudy Award Winners


Simon Davis 2nd 
Jim Penman 5th 
Sander Post 1st 
Tim McNaughton 1st

Brad Lawson 1st

Jean Magne 1st 
Parham Momtahan 1st

Steven Thomas 1st 
Scott Walker 4th 
Stephen Meyer 1st

Alex Cullen 3rd  
Bruce Mason 2nd 
Tim McLean 1st 
Jonathan Moher 2nd 
David Duchesne 2nd 
Daniel White 2nd 
Carolyn Botting 2nd

2009 Rudy Award Winners


Peter Stapleton 1st

Sheldon Betts 1st

Gord Larose 1st

Dan White 1st

Colette Kenney 3rd

Jim Penman 4th

Gaby Speck 1st

Natalie Roussey  3rd

Judy Andrew Piel  2nd

Stead, Lynne   2nd

Scott Walker 2nd

Pierre Sigouin 1st

Chaughan Garvey   3rd

Ann Marie Brady 3rd

David Duchesne  1st

Theresa Kavanagh 4th

Bruce Mason 1st

Chris Macknie 6th

2008 Rudy Award Winners


Jane Yardley

Alex Cullen

Eric Collard

Lynne Stead

Carolyn Botting

Hazel Ullyatt (Philly Marathon to do)

Judy Andrew Piel

Kailey Mclachlan

Scott Walker

Theresa Kavanagh 3rd

Ann-Marie Brady 2nd

Dawn Haworth

Jim Penman 3rd

Tiffany Boire-Jette

Susan Nevitt-Yelle

Yves Fortin 3rd

Zoe Panchen 5th

Sheri McCready 4th

Steve McCready 4th

Chaughan Garvey 2nd

Natalie Roussy 2nd

Andrew Goss 2nd

Neil Graham

2007 Rudy Award Winners


Isabelle St. Laurent 1st

Natalie Roussy 1st

Chaughan Garvey 1st

Denis Morel 5th

Mike Caldwell  2nd

Michel Émond  1st

Theresa Kavanagh 2nd

Randy Roffey 1st

Sheri McCready 3rd

Steve McCready 3rd

Colette Kenney  2nd

Mike Giles 4th

Jim Penman 2nd

Philippe Dass 3rd  (+plus Med school)

Dick Gunstone 1st

Kawal Deogun 1st  and NOT the last!

Louis Tay 1st

Jim Brockbank 3rd

2006 Rudy Award Winners


James Penman
Roger Girard
Sean Obrien
Chris Macknie 5th
Zoe Panchen 4th
Denis Morel 4th
Phil Dass
Katherine Calder-Becker
Kevin Becker

2006 Rudy Award Winners


Brent Vandermeer
Paul Schwartzentuber 3rd
Doug Liversidge 2nd
Yves Fortin 2nd 
Julia Fournier 2nd
Glenn Robinson 3rd
Steve McCready 2nd
Sheri McCready 2nd
Rene Dionne
Amy Snowdon (Jr.)

2005 Rudy Award Winners


Graham Acreman
Theresa Kavanagh
Ann Marie Brady
James Brockbank
Margaret Brockbank
Mike Caldwell
Marc Champagne
Philippe Dass
Rene Dionne
James Fournier
Julia Fournier
Don Forbes
Yves Fortin
Mile Giles
Monika Koch

2005 (cont’d) Rudy Award Winners


Chris Lengyel
Heather Macdonald
Chris Macknie
Sheri McCready
Steve McCready
Jon Moher
Denis Morel
Vincent Stapleton
Grant Thompson
Tina Traini
Ross Wilkinson
Michelle Zunti
Rudy Hollywood
Anne Pearce
Amy Snowdon (Jr.)

2004 Rudy Award Winners


Jim English
Paul Schwartzentruber
Nancy Coke
Rudy Hollywood
Paul McAneney
Ross Wilkinson
Jim Quig
Jim Brockbank
Chris MacKnie
Chris White
Francis Russell
Jimmy Kelland
Cory Plante
Richard Bowes
Anne Pearce
Doug Shaw
Chris Plante
Denis Morel

2003 Rudy Award Winners

Mike Wall
Marcel Brugger
Ann-Lisa Charron
Dale Costello
Ann Coros
Brenda Oatway
Scott Hall
Rene Dionne
Pierre St-Amour
Zoe Panchen
Chris Macknie
Cory Plant
John Hetherington
Eric Haanpaa
Alex Balaban
Rudy Hollywood
Dave Maskel
Paul McAneney
Mike Giles
Ann Chapman
Denis Morel

2002 Rudy Award Winners


Glenn Robinson
Joanne Murray
Jeff Reece
Chris Macknie
Rudy Hollywood
Marcel Brugger
Ann Coros
Paul McAneney
Jennifer White
Paula Burchat
Zoe Panchen
Pierre St
Ted Livingstone

2001 Rudy Award Winners


Rick Hellard
Gina Rifa
Roger Smith
Phil Gregory
Trevor MacMillan
Norman O’Reilly
Pierre St. Amour
Glen Robinson
Rudy Hollywood

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