Rock and Ice Recovery Update

Over the last 4 weeks, I have gone through the hyperbaric chamber treatments coupled with a drug to improve blood circulation in my toes.

The hyperbaric treatments were easy but the drug seems to be sapping my energy levels to the point where an easy 2hr ride was leaving me close to hypoglycemic. I would finish short rides with wobbly legs and even more wobbly confidence in my heretofore unshakeable confidence in my ability to bounce back. 

Physically, the dead skin has now all fallen off and the new skin has mostly grown back in. Some skin is still some missing, and those areas are pink, but all should be well. The nerves in the affected areas are improving daily. Things are now at the point where I notice the fact I do not notice the toes anymore.

I do notice the toe joints are stiff and swollen and they do not always want to bend the way I want them to, but with a bit of persuasion, they usually do what I want.

I have now run 7-8 times. Most of them have been short and a few of them a bit more intense (read speedwork and The Law Day Run 5k). It seems the faster I go, the better I feel, but unfortunately, the drug I have been taking is limiting how hard I can actually go. This has been especially apparent on the bike, where I feel a bit like a kitten. I have a Power-Tap on my new Kuota, which allows me to know what kind of power is in my legs. I would estimate I can push about 60 watts less than last year at the same heart rate. That works out to 30% weaker and is hard to take.

The good thing about this, if there is one, is that I know there is a reason, and what that reason is. I also know this situation is not permanent and is about to end: the drugs finished up on Friday. I have been patient, and now it is time to start feeling normal in the next while.