Lake Placid Ironman USA 2006

Well, as many of you know, the Lake Placid Ironman was last weekend, and we had 12 people participating with one associated person (swims with us). There were a total of 2159 starters on the day with 2045 finishers.

All of the Zone3sports clients finished with plenty of time on the clock.

Here are the results of their hard work:

1. Phil Dass, 15:13, 2nd IM, 2nd Rudy Award
2. Kiza Francis, 14:57, 1st IM, a great day
3. Brenda Oatway, 12:53, 2nd IM, 6th in A/G, smiled the whole way
4. Allan MacPhee, 12:31, 1st IM, great day
5. Terry Jennings, 12:15, 2nd IM
6. Andy Millette, 11:47, 15th in A/G
7. Layla Prieur, 11:34, best IM by 45min, 10th in A/G
8. Heather Ireland, 11:32, best IM by 19min, 1st in A/G, qualified and going to Kona
9. Brent Vandermeer, 11:05, 1st IM, absolutely amazing
10. Yves Fortin, 10:02:19, 50th overall, 3rd in A/G, qualified and going to Kona, Hawaii
11. Len Ireland, 10:58, best IM by 4min, 2nd in A/G, qualified and going to Kona
12. David Markin, 10:13:34, best IM by about 50min, 82nd overall, 18th in A/G

Associated member
Barry Dmitruk, 10:06, 1st in A/G, qualified and going to Kona.

As an added piece of pride, Ottawa had the most qualifiers for Hawaii with 5. Three of them train on full programs with Zone3sports, and Barry has swam with us for years and I’ve coached him on and off for a few years.

You guys are all amazing. Thanks for your hard work and dedication.