Consulting Programme

Start any time.

$30/month, minimum 3 months ($90)


Zone3sports recognizes that not everyone needs or wants a full blown training program.  They have a regular routine or friends to train with and like it that way.


We also recognize that most people do need someone to watch over them, to help make sure mistakes are few and to help stack the odds in their favor to have the best possible experience on race day.


…and we can help.


It's quite a simple set up, and we feel it will be well worth the investment.


Zone3sports will:

·         keep track of you and your progress through your weekly training updates;

·         send out semi-regular tips on how to smooth things out so you have the best experience possible while training and racing;

·         suggest simple fixes to training questions;

·         suggest how to prioritize your races, rest vs. train more, invest in new wheels or a new bike?  Stuff like that.

·         reduced fees for:

·         bike fit ($40)

·         program consultations

·         Hammertime on Wednesday nights ($5)