Coach Rick Hellard

Rick used to say those times are well out of reach nowadays, and that he still tries really hard, and he's there to help you achieve your potential, and then came Sept 16th, 2006 and he popped an unbelievable 8:41:14 Iron Distance at the Esprit Triathlon in Montreal.  This was a whopping 41min best time, for a guy that had already gone 9:23.  And to add encouragement to everyone, he turned 40 this year!! 

As a triathlete, Rick was given All American Team status three times as a junior (ranked Top Five in North America), then turned professional and raced around the world in everything from Olympic Distance (best time of 1:45) to Half Ironman (best time of 3:57) to Ironman (best time of 8:41:14). He raced on the French professional team based in Salon de Provence in 1989/90/91, racking up numerous wins and rarely being out of the top 10 finishers.

He's been to the World Short Course Triathlon Championships as an Elite 3 times, never placing worse than 33rd overall in fields of over 75 elites (before draft legal racing).

In addition to his short course success, Rick finished 3rd overall in the Embrunman Endurance Triathlon (French Alps), the hardest ultra-distance triathlon in the world. He also placed 9th overall at the inaugural Ironman Lake Placid and 3rd at the Great Floridian in 2003. He has competed in the prestigious Hawaii Ironman World Championships as an elite twice.

As a snowshoe racer, Rick was undefeated from 2001-2005, but, sadly, has lost a few times since then J.

As a cross-country skier, though steadily improving, he has helped himself to some large portions of humble pie with his very strong engine but less than perfect up and downhill technique.

Zone3sports is an Ottawa based triathlon coaching service that has achieved amazing success at the long distance triathlon.

We'd like to toot our own horn this year because we've qualified 5 people for the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii.  5!!  In one training group?  Yep, the program works.  And the cool part is that we've helped 3 others raise their level of fitness so they could qualify as well.  That makes 8 people in the same swimming pool going to the big dance.  Truly impressive, we think.

How do we do it? 

Rick Hellard, Head Coach (only coach), has done it all and shares his knowledge and experience with his clients and keeps them from making mistakes they don't need to make.  His workouts are productive, interesting and fun.  As a result, Zone3sports clients avoid mistakes, want to do the workouts and therefore can't help but improve.

Rick's philosophy is very simple: he believes that consistent, systematic and progressive hard work pays off, whether that means working hard to improve swim technique or hard work on the hills pedaling, people won't improve without putting in the time and pushing themselves beyond the comfort level, but doing so in a proper sequence.  He also believes there is no substitute for experience, and he has lots of that and is happy to share it with his clients.

Zone3sports' goals for every athlete are equally simple:

  1. keep them healthy;
  2. make sport a part of their life, not just a phase;
  3. get them to the start line healthy, rested and ready to go;
  4. get them to the finish as quickly as possible.

If you share these goals, and are looking for a coach that knows his stuff and how to put it to good use, check out


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Rick Hellard
Race Distance
Personal Best Times (Year)
3 Km
5 Km
10 Km

1/2 Marathon(21.1 km)

Marathon (42.2 Km)

2:30 (1984)

2:34:14 (2005)

2:36:54 (2006)

Half Ironman

8:41:14 (2006)



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